Fixed Access Platforms

StepForm™ Connect

Fixed Access Solutions - StepformTM Connect

Stepform TM connect is designed to give a quick and cost effective solution to very common access requirements.

When to Use StepFormTM Connect as the Access Solution?

There are mainly used as crossovers for conveyors, over pipes and over trenches. This crossovers can come in numerous configurations I, Z, L and U configurations.

They can be set up with stairs, rung ladders or stepladders.

Stepform TM Connect can also be used to access between levels, this can be done using stairs, stepladders and rung ladders. 

What are Stepform Connect’s Advantages?

  1. Stepform TMconnect is designed with our fully modular system.
    • Being fully modular it has clear advantage when it comes to certain applications. 
    • Being a modular system does not mean there is a compromise on quality, the same quality and finish applies to StepformTMConnect as to the rest of the StepformTM  access product range.
  1. All Metal is made from high-strength structural steel, finished in hot dipped galvanized.
  2. With all smooth ball and pipe system, handrails are finished in gal or in powder coated in safety yellow
  3. Other colors can be done on respond request.