Stepform TM endless configuration for access, work platforms, walkways, stairs and ladders can effectively fulfil your every need. Stepform ™ offers full solution to your access needs including design, manufacture and installation.   

Why Stepform TM is a Better Access Solution?

Our advanced systems aimed at giving you cost and time advantages over traditional methods of designing and fabricating individual structures.

Comparing with traditional method, the benefits below have been proven by our numerous case studies:

Reduce costs by 20% – 30%

Cut lead-time by 2 to 3 weeks

How Does Stepform TM Achieve These?

  • Design time and costs are reduced because Stepform ™ is modular.
  • Individual components are optimised for CNC manufacture so they assemble perfectly, every time.
  • The entire Stepform ™ system for access is assembled using hand tools with NO HOT WORK; welding, cutting, drilling or grinding, greatly reducing lead time and install time on site

Stepform benefits 

Standard Compliant. Designed to
AS 1657-2013 and Independently Tested.

Install into areas with limited access. Being modular, Stepform can be handled in small parts if required to install in areas with limited space or difficult crane access.

Quality controlled. Stepform  is fabricated using automated CNC processes to ensure dimensional integrity and quality.

Save time and money. Stepform  saves money and time by removing the need for design, checking, fabrication and certification. Costly defects and reworks are also eliminated.

No hot work. Stepform  is designed to be erected on site without any welding, cutting, drilling or grinding.

Quick turn around time. We ensure speedy delivery by using an integrated workflow process to manage drawings, quotes and fabrication.

Only hand tools are required for installation.

Versatility. The system can be modified or added to as your plant needs change.

No need for paint touch ups. Because there is no on site fabrication there is no damage to the surface finish.


Stepform Plus

Stepform™ plus is robust system for access platform, walkway and access between level. Stepform™ Plus can be used to safely access to plant and equipment, overhead bridge, crossovers, pedestrian access, mobile plant / pedestrian segregation. Suitable for all kind of industry: Mining, power generation, processing plants, recycling plants, Oil and Gas, infrastructure ....View more....


Stepform™ Lite

 Stepform Lite is designed for applications where weight is an issue but you still want a durable and safe access  that  complies to AS 1657 – 2013. Stepform Lite is based on our designed steel section profiled and hot dipped gal, the system can be easily manually handled and assembled. Mainly used for difficult installation where overhead lift is not possible or the existing structure cannot support a lot of weight such as mobile equipment, dust collectors or roof access. We have also installed Stepform Lite as a bridge inspection platforms....View more....   


Stepform™ Engineering Solution

With tailored engineering designs, Stepform™ Engineering is aimed at solving unique and difficult access problems. We can provide you with a tailored solution to suit your specific application. With our in house design capabilities we have supplied lifting systems for aeroplanes, Automated hydraulic operated access platforms, driven systems and various specialised accessories. Our engineers have extensive experience in machine design with in depth knowledge of the Australian standard and practical hands on experience in the field. There is no access problem that we cannot solve. Call us for a chat....View more....     


Stepform™ Connect   

Stepform connect comes in two sizes standard and compact,  Standard is bared on 900mm wide access while compact is based on 600mm wide for areas with limited room. Stepform Connect are composed of preset modules aimed at providing a range of common applications such as inspection platform, conveyor crossover...  Stepform standard and compact are like all other Stepform products comply to AS 1657 -2013 finished in hot dipped gal with an optional safety yellow handrails....View more....


Stepform Accessories

The range of Stepform accessories is aimed at improving your site safety and efficiency. We have Monorails and lifting Jibs to facilitate operation and maintenance. To improve safety we have lighting, safety gates, bollards,Weather proofing, signage and antislip surface treatment. In addition to the existing Stepform accessories we are always adding new items to our range. view more....View more....




Railform is an easy-to-build modular handrail system that is virtually identical to welded handrails. It utilises standard ball and pipe stanchions with a patented internal connector. Unlike external modular connectors, the internal connector is invisible from outside and gives a smooth step free handrail for comfort. Railform can be used on metal or concrete structures, stairs, walk ways in any configuration. Railform is finished in gal or powder coated to ensure its quality. Industry standard safety yellow is the default color, Other colors are also available on request....View more.... 



Guardform is a machine guarding system with completely customisable modular design. It can be incorporated with Stepform or can be used and installed separately. The safety guarding system comes in different finishes to suit your applications and conditions. Guardform applications: Guarding moving machinery, Denying general public access to hazards areas, Pedestrian / mobile equipment segregation....View more....