Does it comply to the Australian standards?

All stepform products and designs comply to the latest Australian standard AS1657 - 2013. And where relevant it complies to BCA (Building Code Australia).


How far can it span?

We have standard platforms that spans up to 12 m anything longer will have to be designed to suit.


Where is it made?

Stepform is a Sydney based company we source all manufacturing, parts and components locally.


I am not sure what is the best way to resolve an access problem. How can you help me?

Access is our specialty and we have come across just about any problem you can think of. Give us a call and we will be able to direct you on the right path. If Stepform has a product that solves the problem we will offer that if not we can design one to suit your application.


I am not sure if our existing access complies to the latest Australian standards. What should I do?

as a quick reference, You can refer to our Australian Standard AS1657-2013  summary and check it against your exist access to see if it complies. We can also assist you with an onsite audit.


Can you install outside working hours?

We cater for installing outside working hours, this will require some additional planning.


Do you do site measurements and site survey? 

We normally do these services as part of our project. We do not normally offer them as a separate service.