To Obtain A Price

If you are a new customer you'll be required to sign a letter of engagement. The purpose of the letter of engagement is to indicate to us your sincerity in engaging our services, in return, we make sure that we give you the priority and the attention your require.

What We Need From You

What we need from you is a sketch or a drawing with a description of what you are after. You do not need to work out what Stepform product you require or the exact layout you want. What we mainly need from you is what you are trying to achieve with the access.

Below is an example of something that have been given to us in the past.

Which Type Of Quotation You are After

We know quotes are used for different purposes, some quotes are for budgeting purposes, some are for tendering purposes and some quotes need to be firm for confirmed orders. Also, the level of documentation for each quote differs depending on the purpose of the quote.


Observation tower access and platform 


Improving access to surge bin 

Budget quotes are provided with basic information and costing is done on a ±20%.

Tenders are provided with a basic drawing and costing is done on ±10%.

A firm quote is based on-site measurements and all details are finalized. The proposal will include GA design as well as a firm quote.

Additional documentation can be provided at request. Some of this documentation are normally required for submission of capital expenditure, others may be required for presentation purposes with the various stakeholders, and finally a 3D model could be requested to integrate it into an existing 3D Design.

Why each Quote Depends on Specific Situation

As you can understand each one of this quote and documents will require different amount of work. Depending on the hours required for each request we may charge a fee to cover our basic costs. This is dependent on the customer, the size of project and design complexity.

See above for Step 1

Project Implementation 

Step 2

Once the proposal is approved we will require a purchase order to be raised, and a 30% deposit.

We will conduct a detailed site survey and we will produce a final design drawing for approval before we issue it for manufacturing.

This normally takes about 1 week.

Step 3

After final approval, fabrication will commence. All relevant fabrication, assembly and quality control will take place in a workshop.

This process typically takes 6-8 weeks. Once completed all items will be ready for shipping. 

Step 4

If instillation is part of the project, This process is site dependent. A site supervisor will be assigned to the project. All relevant documentation and drawings will be produced.

An installation plan will be discussed and approved by management before site work commences.

*Please Note

Our installers are well versed in Stepform products and very well equipped. Most installs are done in 2-3 days. We pride ourselves on our safety record of Zero LTI (lost time injury).