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Customised Access Solutions - StepFormTM Engineering Solutions for Working at Heights

When looking for a customised fixed access solution for working at heights, it is imperative to ensure the engineering design, manufacture and installation are tailored to suit your specific needs.

To obtain the unique solutions to the specific access problems and implement them, often than not a working at height specialist, structural engineer, design draftsman, fabricators and installers have to get involved, which is a time consuming and costly process.

The specific problems/challenges on working with different contracts/entities:

  • It is hard to work out what the final cost is at the concept stage.
  • The long process of tendering and fabrication undertaken.
  • The multi step process is susceptible to time and costs creep. 
  • The various entities overlapping in their job role makes it difficult to control the process.

StepFormTM Engineering As Solutions to Fixed Access Platforms Project

StepFormTM has greatly simplified the multi-step process of completing a customised access platform project.

  • Only one entity looks after the whole project from start to finish including site measurement and supervision.
  • A dedicated project manager will be assigned to you to ensure the delivery of an end to end project.  

Why choose StepFormTM Access Engineering Solutions?

StepFormTM is your ONE STOP shop for various access challenges and “StepformTM Engineering Solution” is for your access issues that require tailored engineering design, fabrication and installation.

Irrespective of the complexity of the project, whether there are automatic drives, interlocks, or a being a special purpose platform. You can rest assured that our design, manufacturing and installation meet the highest standards.

See Reasons Below:

  • We have an in house design and fabrication capabilities at our disposal.
  • Our designers come form all types of industries given us the knowledge and experience to tackle those difficult problems.  
  • We can design deployable platforms with moving components driven by electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic drives.
  • We design our own controls and electrical to comply with all relevant Australian standards (AS 1657 - 2013).  
  • Our projects include deployable platforms, lifting systems, automated hydraulic operated access platforms, system for confined space and various specialised accessories and many more.

Case Study

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