Fixed Access Platforms

Stepform™ Adorn

Fixed Access Platform/Walkway– StepformTM Adorn

Stepform TM Adorn is designed for applications where weight is an issue but you still want a durable and safe access.

It is mainly used for difficult installation where overhead lift is not possible or the existing structure cannot support a lot of weight such as mobile equipment, dust collectors or roof access.

We have also installed Stepform TM Adorn as a Bridge Inspection Access Platform (See Case Study Below).

Why Choose StepformTM adorn?

  1. Stepform TMAdorn is similar to all Stepform access products. It is fully modular and versatile to be used in the most difficult installation or applications.
  2. Stepform TMAdorn is based on our unique steel section profiled finished in hot dipped galvanise.  The system can be safely manually handled and assembled.
  3. It complies with AS 1657 – 2018. 

Below is a typical application where StepformTM Lite provided the most cost effective solution to an access problem. It provided the desired outcome in a controlled and timely manner.

Case Study of StepformTM Adorn

We were given a request to find a solution for a 32m bridge inspection platform, which had to be rated to 4kpa and mounted to the existing structure.

It was under a bridge and over a creek, so a crane could not be used while a lift from bottom was also not possible.

Bridge inspection platform

Therefore, the installation of all sections had to be manually handled.

Stepform TM Adorn was the ideal choice to keep all sections within the weight limit for manual handling.

From a simple drawing, we were able to provide an access solution which was Stepform TM Adorn that ticked all the boxes.  

What were provided:

  • A full set of documentations,
  • All the necessary instruction
  • All components and fasteners to complete the assembly

Great Results Achieved:

Due to the simplicity of the system and the comprehensive documents provided, the project was not only completed by installers without any prior knowledge or training in the system, but also in a timely manner and more cost effective way.

What can StepfomTM Adorn (Access Platform/Walkway) Be Used For?

Above is only one example of many successful projects completed. We have supplied platform/walkway and access to mobile equipment, roof access, dryers, conveyors, various plant equipment and many more.