Fixed Access Platforms

StepForm™ Accessories

Fixed Access Platform Accessories - StepformTM Accessories

Stepform TM accessories are designed to improve access and provide additional operational capabilities.

Stepform TM are not limited to the structure of the platform or access.

We also offer accessories to:

     (1) Improve safety

Through accessories such as Swing gates, Sliding gate, Lighting, Bollards and various Anti-slip materials.

     (2) Greatly reduce maintenance time & prevent manual handling

Improve functionality in the workplace through accessories such as Monorails, Lifting jibs, Removable Handrails and through Floor access.

     (3) Improve operators’ comfort

Through accessories such as Overhead cover, Weather protection and Seating.

What are Some Examples of Platform Accessories in Operation?

Example – 1 (see images on the right)

Truckers rest area.

It was designed to give the truckers a safe place to rest when their trucks are being unloaded.

This was for a 24-hour operation.

The shelter provides the truckers a safe and comfortable rest area away from heavy mobile machinery in all weather conditions, day and night.

The shelter has an insulated roof sheeting, weather protection on the sides, seating bench and solar rechargeable lighting.

Example – 2(see images on the right)

This platform was designed for access to a ball mill.

The access to the ball mill was through a lockable trapdoor that was designed into the platform.

To reduce manual handling of equipment and components in and out of the ball mill, a lifting jib was also mounted at one corner of the platform.

This allows components to be lifted up directly from the floor and then over the platform and finally into the ball mill and vice a versa.

So in addition to a sturdy functional platform and access through a rung ladder with a safety cage and self closing gate, the Stepform TM accessories provided the platform with additional improvements, which ended up being vital to the maintenance process of the ball mill. It cuts the maintenance time dramatically while improving access safety.

A lifting jib or monorail offers great improvement to eliminate manual handling or replace the need of a separate crane when it is installed as part of the platform.