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Modular Handrail System

Handrail and Guardrail System – RailFormTM

RailForm provides guardrail and handrail safety protections for walkways, platforms and edge protection.

Guardrails and Handrails

The Guardrails and Handrails system in the market falls into 2 categories: Welded system or Modular system that uses piper joiners and connectors to make up a complete system.

Welded System vs. Modular System

Each system has advantages and disadvantages – See below

Pros and Cons of Welded System

Welded system is not only smoother, but also looks better and generally has a good finish.

However, the downside of the welded system is that you either have to weld the product in the workshop and then transport large sections to the sites or you have to weld it on site. This raises issues of hot work and having to do touch ups which reduce the level of protection provided by the initial coating.

Pros and Cons of Modular System

The modular system doesn't seem to have inherited problems of the welded system.

Moreover, no hot work is required for modular system. It can be assembled onsite using hand tools and transported in sections to reduce cost.

Conversely, existing modular systems look agricultural and don’t have smooth transition between connected sections.

There is a system that has best of both worlds. This is StepForm’s RailForm.

Why choose RailForm as Your Safe Protection Solution?

StepForm’s RailForm is a fully assembled guardrail and handrail system using hand tools with no hot work required, but it is identical to the welded system.

In fact, we do use the traditional welded system, but we are able to do it without welding because of our patent internal connector.

 Overall, it offers a fully modular system in most configurations available in the traditional welded system.

  • The system offers a configuration to suit just about any requirement - Railform can be provided in many configurations such as “Standard handrail for industrial site (complying with AS-1657)” and “Balustrades complying with Building Code Australia” and many more.
  • It can also be mounted into concrete or steel.
  • Railform system complies with Australian standard AS-1657 - The handrail is 42mm diameter for more comfortable and safe grip.
  • The finish can be in gal or powder coated in safety yellow (Other colours are available on request).